What makes Marvelous Nail Different?
At Marvelous Nail, we offer the highest levels of luxury and sanitation for our clients, while always providing the best value and keeping our prices affordable.
Our Premium and Deluxe services will now feature individual spa sets, featuring Sea Salt Soaks, Sugar Scrubs, Masks & Lotions in a variety of scents, which you can choose!
For our pedicure services, we also now feature disposable tub liners. These new liners are single use, which means that there is no risk of contamination for our valued clients. Relax into the luxury of a water massage, without concern for hygiene. In addition, our files, pumice stones and buffers are all single use, while our other metal implements are disinfected in an autoclave between every client.
Your friends, invite your family and let us be part of an affair to remember. We are the right place for any occasion. Stop in, grab a seat, lean back and relax!


Replenish your hands with our manicure treatment to give them a new look. Trimming, filing, shaping, to induce healthy nail growth and your choice of polish finished lotion massage to give them a new feeling.
Manicure + Gel Polish
Includes manicure plus the gel polish last for two weeks.
Deluxe Manicure
Combines with manicure treatment, the exfoliation mandarin honey sugar scrub gently lifts away the dead skin cells, special hand mask with the warm towel that will hap soothing and relaxing. A nice hand rub lotion to give them a new marvelous look!


Spa Pedicure
Replenish your feet by soaking them in a luxurious pedicure chair. This induces cutting, filing, shaping, cuticle treatment, pumice stone, scrub, along with sea salt exfoliation, moisturizing leg and feet massage, finished with a hot towel to give your feet a new look!
Gel Pedicure
Pedicure with gel polish on your toes.
Signature Spa Pedicure
Includes pedicure plus concentrated sea serum is used for intensive callus and heel treatment to repair, nourish, and sooth dry, cracked skin.
Deluxe Spa Pedicure
A wonderfully relaxing pedicure with rest and inner peace. A tranquility massage for tired feet and aching legs. Start with a blend of mandarin honey sugar scrub that revitalizes with an invigorating exfoliation action to get rid of impurity and dead skin without leaving a residue that can dry or irritate skin followed with callus treatment will penetrate rough spot, dead cell build to repair, nourish and sooth dry skin. Finished with a marine masque and a soothing hot towel wrap. This pedicure will leave you feeling rejuvenated.
Marvelous Spa Pedicure
Wonderful experience of the deluxe spa pedicure treatment. A luxurious sugar scrub, special mask applied to help exfoliate and revitalize your feet giving them a healthy glow, a relaxing foot rub with the blend of romantic oil and butter cream with the paraffin dip to moisturize. This treatment will leave you feeling revitalized and marvelous.
Marvelous Hot Stone Pedicure
The ultimate luxurious care for your feel will leave you feeling fabulous. This divine treatment will use hot stone to rub your feet to induce and stimulate blood flow that will help relaxed those tired feet with the marvelous spa pedicure treatment will leave you revitalized and ravishing.
Organic Spa Pedicure
A product of all natural organic.

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set
$25 & Up
Acrylic Fill - In
$17 & Up
Add Almond, Coffin, Stiletto shape
Full Set
$35 & Up
Fill – in
$20 & Up
Acrylic (White tip)
$30 & Up
Solar Nails Pink Powder
$30 & Up
Solar Nails (Pink & White) Set
Solar Nails (Pink & White) Fill
Solar Pink Fill
Powder Gel Full Set
$30 & Up
Powder Gel Fill
$20 & Up
Liquid Gel Full Set
$40 & Up
Liquid Gel Fill – in
$28 & Up
SNS Dip Powder
$35 & Up
SNS Dip Powder Tip
$40 & Up
SNS Dip Powder French
$40 & Up

Nail Packages

Manicure & Pedicure
Pedicure & Gel Manicure
Deluxe Spa Pedicure & Manicure
Marvelous Spa Pedicure - Manicure
Marvelous Hot Stone Spa Combo
Organic Spa Pedicure & Manicure


Misses Pedicure
15 – 18 junior and high school age.
Little Princess
Under 10.

Additional Services

Cut Down
1 Nail repair
$3 & Up
Nail Art 2 Finger Nails
Complete Set
$15 & Up
Polish Change Hands
Polish Change Feet
Gel Polish Change + Take Off


Eye Brow
Half Arm
$25 & Up
Half Leg
$38 & Up
$40 & Up
Full Face
$35 & Up
Under Arm
$17 & Up
Full Leg
$55 & Up
$30 & Up
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Sun: 12:00 am – 5:00 pm
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